Health Bringing for the whole family to life Health Bringing for the whole family to life Health Bringing for the whole family to life

Forte Diagnostics functions on the principles and values of

 PAR – Promptness Accuracy Reliability 
 to be on par with International standards




To be the service provider of choice to medical professionals
and patients be being accurate, on time, every time.

Our Quality Assurance & Quality Control

– Quality of Our Services –


The scope of our services includes specimen handling,
sample processing and analysis, reporting of test results,
handling and delivery of supplies and test reports/information
to our clients. Our internal quality audits, quality assurace
and quality control programmes ensure the achievement
of our service quality mission.

– Quality of Our Analytical Results –


The intergrity and reliability of the testing process have
direct implication on the quality of analytical results produced.
Besides the usual regular preventive and service maintenance
on instruments and compliance to instrument calibration
protocols, our laboratories also participate in many internal
and external quality control progarmmes to monitor the
testing process.

External Quality Assurance Programmes 

Bio-Rad is the worldwide leader in quality controls for clinical laboratory. The controls are manufactured independently of the calibrators and reagents,  and provide an unbiased, independent assessment of performance, regardless of the instrument or reagent manufacturer.

Siemens, a pioneer in Healthcare based out in Germany  partners with Forte Diagnostics  supporting our growth and quality protocols since our inception.

Techmed Quality Assurance  Scheme



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