Health Bringing for the whole family to life Health Bringing for the whole family to life Health Bringing for the whole family to life

TechMed Healthcare Pvt Ltd


India’s First HLM Company, awarded “The Best HLM Company”(Courtesy: Worldwide Achievers, 2015), has been making rapid progress in the field of Hospital Lab Management (HLM) in India. As front-runners in the industry, they associate with hospitals and clinics to offer them complete laboratory solutions, including laboratory services that conform to NABL standards, purchase of equipment and absorption and continual training of lab staff.

TechMed partner across a diverse spectrum of medical institutions, ranging from single doctor clinics to corporate managed hospital chains and medical colleges, handling more than 4500 patients per day both directly and indirectly. TechMed take honor in admitting that they are the pioneers in Hospital Lab Management, providing services since 2008. The company is a Medical start-up started by young doctors in 2008, operations also being managed by doctors with support of a huge clinical team catering to major corporate hospitals and medical colleges pan India eyeing Asia pacific in the near future.




MedGenome Labs, India


MedGenome Inc. is a genomics-based diagnostics and research company delivering the best of health care by decoding genetic information contained in an individual’s genome. They are the first mover and market leader in genomics-based diagnostics and research from India with global offices in California.

Their mission is to improve global health by developing deep insights into diseases at the genetic and molecular level. MedGenome research solutions apply cutting-edge genomics technologies, bioinformatics, computing, and big data analytics to the genetically diverse and large South Asian population to understand the genetic basis of cancer, metabolic disorders, eye disorders and other rare diseases.

MedGenome also address important research questions in hereditary diseases, cardiovascular complications and neurological disorders.



Oncquest Laboratories, India



India’s Leading Super Specialized Laboratory Network with over 14 years of experience under its belt, College of American Pathology (CAP) and NABL accredited laboratory, Oncquest is known for its excellence in Molecular and Clinical Diagnostics.

A footprint of over 33 Laboratories, 200 + collection center’s & 1300 + business associate partners in India.

Centre of Excellence for all pathological specialized tests (Molecular Biology, FISH, Cytogenetic, Flowcytometry, Surgical Pathology, Immunohistochemistry, Hematology, Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Immunoassays & Microbiology.)

Oncquest also offer the largest menu of oncology related tests in India and are Market leader in tests like BCR ABL (Quant), IRMA, ALK Mutation, Minimal Residual Disease (MRD), EGFR Mutation etc.

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